New Adventure All About Local

It is not very often in life where you get to see your dreams become reality.  Below is all about a dream I had - that has become reality.  I am very excited and nervous all at the same time to be sharing this new adventure with you.

When you own a small business there are a ton of decisions that have to be made on a regular basis and some that only need to made once and awhile.  Not long after opening Unless Market I was faced with the decision of whether to buy credit card style gift cards for Unless Market. 

During the process of going back and forth on my decision (like I often do) I found myself wishing I had a better option.  I wished there was a gift card program like the one they have for the mall but only for locally owned businesses.  I really liked the idea of gift card program that was all about local but could not find anything like it.  After a few months of not being able to let the idea go I decided that it was time to find a way to make such a program happen.

I am very proud to announce that there is now a gift card – just like the one at the mall – but for locally owned businesses only. 


The Local Gift Card launch will happen in two stages.  The first stage, which we just launched, is to get 100 locally owned businesses to become founding members.  Customers see gift cards as extra cash and are more likely to spend it on something or at somewhere new.  The Local Gift Card will allow locally owned businesses to attract new customers while working together to make the local economy stronger.  Locally owned businesses are the backbone of our local economy and they deserve our support.

The second stage of The Local Gift Card launch will take place this fall when we release the gift cards.  The launch of the gift cards will coincide with a fabulous launch party where we celebrate all things local and all the amazing businesses who have become part of The Local Gift Card.

If you love this new venture as much as I do – I would be honoured if you would like our social media channels and tell your friends & family about us.  If you really love our idea I encourage you to pledge to buy a gift card.  The pledges will help us show locally owned businesses that this is a fabulous idea and worth investing in.  All pledges will become a gift card for the value of your pledge and will be available on the gift card release date.

Become a founding member or pledge to buy a gift card at or stop by Unless Market.

I am very excited for amazing things that The Local Gift Card will do for our community and local economy.

Your Proud Localist