New Year = New Location

If you walk down the 500 block of Bernard Ave this week, you will notice that our store front is now vacant.  But don’t worry.  We have not closed our doors, we have just moved a few blocks to our new location – 438 Lawrence Ave.    

Moving the store to start the New Year at our new location is the perfect timing.  New Year’s always indicates new starts and fresh beginnings and that is what our new location is all about for Unless Market.  Our new home, will allow a better set up for our refill program.  Plus, we are going to be able to finally expand the program to include more locally made, eco-friendly products.  I am sure that not everyone gets excited about locally made refillable products, but I sure do. 

Packing up the store gave me lots of time to reflect on the amazing year that we just had.  As much as I am looking forward to our new location and the adventures it will bring, it was nice to reflect on the past year and all that I have learned.  The main thing that continued to stand out was how grateful I am for everyone who takes the time to shop at Unless Market.  I absolutely love that every day of the week someone comes into the store that I know or recognize from one of their previous visits to Unless Market.  It is the people who shop at Unless Market that make us who we have become. 

There is another side of Unless Market that I am equally grateful for – the amazing local artisans who make all the products that we sell.  We wouldn’t be able to have a store that specializes in local products if there weren’t so many small local businesses who were making things right here in the Okanagan (and BC). 

The New Year is going to be full of new adventures and I can hardly wait.  I currently have a blank canvas of a store that I get to create and open for everyone to enjoy.  At this point I do not have a set date as to when I will be able to open the doors of our new location.   The hope is that we will only be closed for a couple of weeks while I create my new masterpiece.  As the week progresses I will be sure to share the progress that I have made and where we are at in terms of opening our new location.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone has had an amazing holiday season with family and friends and a safe and happy New Year.

Proud Localist