Refill Instead Program Press Release

Reducing Plastic Use through Refillable Mason Jars.

Official Launch Date:  April 9th 2016


KELOWNA, BC – Unless Market, one of downtown Kelowna’s newest, funkiest retail outlets featuring locally-made and environmentally friendly products, is proud to be officially launching their Refill Instead Program.

Refill Instead provides consumers the option to buy common household products in mason jars and refill their existing containers rather than buying a new plastic container. A deposit is added to the mason jars to encourage people to bring them back. When an empty jar is returned, it can be exchanged for a full one at a reduced rate - rewarding the customer for making a difference and refilling instead.

All the products of the refill program are made by local artisans who share the vision of Unless Market - “It’s time to change the way we shop”. The products are free of SLS, parabens, formaldehyde, gluten, phosphate, petroleum, tricolsan, fragrance and dyes. The list is long but it is important to Unless Market that they are not only reducing the use of plastic but providing clean natural products to their clients.

To start, the following products will be available via the refill instead program.  Herbal shampoo, Unscented shampoo,  Body wash,  Bath salts,  Hand soap,  Foaming hand soap,  Dish soap, Laundry soap and  Kitchen and bath cleaner.


The refill instead program is not just of residential households. Unless Market hopes that local businesses will join the program and reduce their environmental impact through the products they use.

To celebrate the official launch of the refill instead program, Unless Market will be putting the names of anyone who joins the refill program on April 9th2016 into a draw for a chance to win one free year of refills. See store for details.