The Universe Has Other Plans

It turns out that the Universe has decided that Jaye needs a little more time before she can open her amazing new store.  Below shares the unfortunate event that took place this past weekend.  My heart goes out to Jaye and everything that she must be going through.  However, Jaye is one of the strongest & most grounded people I know.  I am sure she is going to come through this even stronger and absolutely blow us all away with what she has created.  _________________________________________________________________


The stage was set for the Okanagan to have its first zero-waste store.

Set up in the heart of downtown Kelowna, Farm Bound Organic Zero-Waste at 438 Lawrence was days away from its grand opening when disaster hit. 

"It was actually so bad it is hilarious," says owner Jaye Coward. "It is like, okay, here we are, we are supposed to open next week, all the inventory was in the store and catastrophic, apocalyptic flood."

The zero-waste store is based on popular European models where customers bring in and fill their own containers. Those containers are weighed at the checkout.

The goal, of course, is to produce as little waste as possible. 

Coward was watching her son play hockey Saturday when she received a call from her alarm company. She thought she must not have locked the door properly. 

"Nope," she says with a laugh.

It turns out a city water main below the store had burst and Coward arrived at her store to find it flooded in eight inches of water.  

Coward had just stocked the store the night before with inventory. 

"Because it was public water, anything that was porous that it touched has to go."

Coward is now out thousands of dollars in inventory and her store must undergo a total restoration.   

Coward is hopeful that insurance will cover the damage and loss of inventory.

Up until Saturday's setback, at what would have been her latest venture, Coward's Vernon-based company Farm Bound had been a rocket ship of success.

Farm Bound partners with local, organic farmers and delivers food throughout the province. Coward's clientele stretches from Vernon to Fort St. John, and Farm Bound had received several awards and recognition.

Perhaps that is why Coward is taking the incident in stride. 

"What do you do? You just gotta smile." 

Coward is hoping to have Farm Bound Organic Zero-Waste renovated and restocked open as soon as possible but admits her store might not be open until November. 


The above article was written by Josh Winquist and published on  Photo credit - Jaye Coward.