We carry Piggy Paint

My daughter loves to have her fingers and toes painted.  It is just one of those things that most kids love.  I never liked the idea of putting solvent based nail polish on her little fingers so I would tell her that we didn't have any (which was true).  That worked until she figured out that there were stores where you could buy things when you didn't have any.  It was shortly after that, when I discovered Piggy Paint and I haven't looked back.  We now get to have mani/pedis and I don't have to worry about the solvent based polish on her nails.  

Piggy Paint is non-toxic, water based, hypoallergenic, virtually odorless, cruelty-free, kid-friendly, safe for use during pregnancy and comes in a bunch of fun, vibrant colours.

I highly recommend Piggy Paint to anyone who would like to use nail polish but doesn't because of the solvents involved with regular nail polish.  

Happy nail painting.