Tote Bag Revolution

The Reason for the Tote Bag Revolution

We, tote bags, are tired of being used once and getting put in your closet never to be seen again.  Or worst yet, you put us in the garbage because you don’t know what else to do with us.  We all know you have your favourite tote bag and we are okay with that.  But since we are not your favourite we would like you to pass us along so we can help someone else one day.  We want to feel like we have a purpose in life other than collecting dust in your closet.

We have found our purpose and that purpose is to eliminate single use plastic bags.  We, tote bags, are banding together to show the world that there is a better way. 

Let us out of your closets so we can work together to promote sustainable shopping habits.  Don’t worry we are not asking you to give up your favourite tote bag.  They have already found their purpose in life.

Let us help you.  Let us come together so that we can be found at your favourite local shop.  That way, the next time you forget your tote bag we will be there to help! 

We are tote bags and we are ready to tackle single use plastic bags.

I have tote bags that I would love to donate to the cause. 
Where can I drop them off?
Unless Market - 438 Lawrence Ave Kelowna BC
Karmyc Bazaar - 1603 Pandosy St Kelowna BC
Georgie Girl - 1331 Ellis St Kelowna BC
Float Space - #104-1851 Kirschner Rd Kelowna BC
We hope to have more drop off locations soon.  If you know of a business who would be interested in helping us collect tote bags please contact us at              
I would love to volunteer and help get the Tote Bag Revolution into my community.
Email us and we will add you to our list of volunteers.  
Does the Tote Bag Revolution have a facebook page?
Yes we do.  We would love it if you would like it and help spread the word.
Why does Unless Market have a tab for the Tote Bag Revolution?

We love the idea behind reusing items that we already have.  I started to reuse my own tote bags in Unless Market before expanding the program to a few neighbouring businesses.    


Did the Tote Bag Revolution start out as Boomerang Bags Okanagan?
Yes. Originally we had fallen under the umbrella of Boomerang Bags which is an amazing grassroots project that started in Australia and has worked its way around the world.  Shortly after joining their initiative, Boomerang Bags decided that it only wanted its name associated with new bags that had been made specifically for Boomerang Bags.  Since our program was reusing tote bags that were already in existence and we were interested in making new bags we changed our name.  


I still would like to know more.
If you have any questions or know a business who would be interested in joining us please feel free to contact us at or stop by our store if you are in the Okanagan.